I love a clever title to a blog post. 

My goal for May:  No facebook. 

 from the UK's telegraph.  mark zuckerberg, see you next month.

It is a time-suck for me.  I don't think there's anything wrong with facebook, but I am not enjoying it lately.  Instead of feeling relaxed and enjoying a good scroll, I feel guilty and annoyed that I can't tear myself away when I really want to.

I'm curious to see how much time I actually have when I don't just jump on in my spare 5 minutes here and there.  Because it is rarely just 5 minutes.  I have written a little about that here before. 

So, if you are a reader who jumps on over here via facebook, may I introduce you to Google Reader instead.  Otherwise I invite you to bookmark my blog and then compulsively click on it hour after hour, to see if I have updated yet.

Does anyone else have that ick feeling with facebook lately?  Maybe that is just a symptom of being on it too much.  Either way- ick. 


  1. Admirable!! FB is definitely a time-suck, and an icky one at that, for me too.

  2. How, funny! I deleted my account a week ago. Did anyone miss me? NO. Did it leave me feeling cut off from the world? YES. Did it convince me that I need to take my relationships off line and talk to people for real? YES. Except for commenting on blogs.

  3. How will you know what the majority of your friends are eating for lunch now? Or that Osama Bin Laden is dead? Or that coffee is the greatest thing ever? These are things that Facebook keeps me on top of...

  4. When you're back to Facebooking, try Tweetdeck. I check it once or twice a day, scroll through updates in chronological order, like or comment on posts as "needed" and I'm done. I rarely look at FB online because it's easy to waste time stalking...I mean looking at people's pages. Also, you can set up an automatic RSS feed for your blog so it will post to your FB page without any effort on your part.

  5. kelly i've never heard of Tweetdeck! interesting... i'll have to check it out.

    megan i see a guest post in your future: "my world without facebook". start writing.

  6. have you seen 'the social network'? think of the biggest jerk you know then decide if you really want to spend lots of time supporting his company. i prefer this new thing called gmail. ha!


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