Another Day, Another 5 Things

Who's still interested in what stuff I am getting rid of? Show of hands? Alright! Let's keep listing, then!

1. Shower spray. You're supposed to spray it in your shower every day, after bathing, so that you don't have to scrub as hard when the actual cleaning day rolls around. For about the past two years Monday morning has been my bathroom cleaning time. On a pretty consistent basis, the bathroom has been cleaned once a week. (Perhaps the only thing I implemented from reading Sidetracked Home Executives a few years ago). We also have so many bottles in our bathtub already that I don't have room for one more (big) spray bottle. Finally, with two curious kids, who wants a bottle that begs to be played with, perched right at the edge of the tub? That is just asking for a squirt in the eye, or in the little brother's eye, or in the mouth to see how it tastes. Ick. No thanks.

2. Microwave-dish-cover-splatter-thingy. It sits in our microwave and is supposed to be a cover so our food doesn't splatter everywhere when we heat it up. The hubs melted a portion of it a few years ago. It is gross. We balance our food bowls on top of it when he heat stuff up. Regardless of these things, it still took some convincing for me to throw it in the recycling bin. If C'ville Recycling had not done their pick-up today, I might have been tempted to fish it out of the recycling this morning.

3. Expired medicines. I am usually one to hold on to medicine and take it a few months or...ahem...years after it expires. Am I the only one? I mean, what- is it going to make me feel sick or something? Too late! Anyway, a few bottles got tossed a couple of days ago.

4. Spanish olives.
This refrigerator purge was motivated by a text I received from Philip, challenging me to go through my fridge. Olives? Why do we have olives? What am I, a 70 year old man who makes martinis every evening? Get rid of the olives!

At this point in the 5 things resolution, I have hit the major areas that I wanted to hit. It was helpful to have a tip for where to focus next (the fridge). Now I need more. Blog lurkers, speak up! Where should I focus my attention next? The laundry closet? Home of our washer and dryer, cleaning supplies, dvd collections, cd's... oh wow. I think I might have just answered my own question. Those dvd's are asking to be searched through.


  1. I bet you're glad you listened to the haters now who told you 10 a day was just ridiculous. What about your outdoor clothes/accessories? I think I'm realizing I wear one scarf and use one pair of gloves while owning many more....What about under the kitchen sink? You've got to have some unused cleaning products down there....And how about stuff hanging on your fridge that is no longer timely? Your place is just brimming with stuff to be thrown out.

  2. I only see 4 things here. And yes, I vote for your "catch-all" room, which apparently for you is your laundry closet. Go crazy, Kat.

  3. An inspirational fable:
    Once upon a time there was stationary. Loads of stationary. And Kat squirreled it away in the living room trunk. "One day Chicken will make art out it." While wearing her paint shirt, no doubt. And there it lay nestled, like a old rotting nut in the dirt.
    The End

  4. Ps- I like how Lisa makes your house, "brimming with stuff to be thrown out," sound like the set of the tv show Hoarders. It makes it fun to imagine what blog lurkers who don't know you imagine you to be.

  5. Shit, Pirtle - Kat's house IS like an episode of Hoarders (where can I find an episode of "Hoarders?"). I mean, last time I was there I thought, "where did all this extra stuff come from? I mean, who has an extra bag of lentils from Sharp Shopper? Or multiple pieces of fruit?

    And, I'm with Lisa - go take a look under the sink and I bet you'll find 5 or 6 goodies in search of a new home.

  6. uh oh, Philip, the current episode of Hoarders is about a woman named Lisa....


  7. hmmmm.... get rid of pens/pencils that no longer work... (have you done that already?)file cabinets with old papers you don't need??? ummmm.... lemme think about it

  8. Great blog. I love it. I just finally got a chance to check it out. It does inspire me a little as I sit at my computer with my desk piled high on either side of me.:)

  9. I am now inspired to clean out my old medicines. I have a whole tupperware that has moved from VA to SC to HI to VA and I don't even think I've opened it that whole time! I just finished cleaning out my bookcase, and the kids playroom! Keep it coming, I'm inspired to clean stuff!

  10. lisa, pirtle, and philip: i'm not sure why you've got to be calling me out like that. i mean, just telling my secrets all over the interweb!

    i'm thinking maybe a "before" and "after" picture series is in order.

    under the sink and the stationary chest... oh they are in bad bad shape. i'll get on it... just after a quick power nap.

  11. The microwave cover thingy made me laugh out loud. That is totally something Isaac and I would do...just balance bowls ONTOP of it.


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