January's Goal

My goal for January:

To get rid of 5 things per day.

Now, originally I started out aiming for 10 things a day. But some haters out there rained on my parade, convincing me to whittle it back to 5. Fine. They may be right. We'll see as the month marches on.

Here's what it means to get rid of things:

Put it in a bag or box, and get it out the door. There can be things that have needed to be returned to their owners, things that I sell on Craigslist, and things that go to Goodwill. I'm not being too nit-picky. But-no- trash does not count. As in, crumpled up paper or a pen that's out of ink. That kind of trash. But if something is not suitable for Goodwill, I will throw it out.

Here's a few things that have gone out the door so far:

1. The trash can lid. We have an open-top trash can with a lid that is supposed to easily push open, down into the trashcan. Like the one pictured. However, once the trash bag is in the trashcan, the lid doesn't really open into the can very well. So trying to throw stuff away, particularly when I am making dinner and throwing away gross pieces of chicken or the ends of onions, is a pain and means I get chicken or onion pieces on the lid. Aren't you grossed out by that? I am always taking the top off it and laying it by the wall, behind the trashcan. Then I might put it back on top of the can once in blue moon. But between the blue moons, my son will come crawling over and try to gnaw on the trash can lid. I am not overly concerned about germs, but this one gets even me. I mean- the trash can lid. Where I just threw out those leftovers that had grown new life in our fridge. Or emptied out that mesh thing that catches out all the gunk in our sink. Gross!
Imagine my relief to throw that trash can lid into the recycling bin. No more looking over to see Monkey playing with a trash can lid that is not remotely sanitary.

2. A mug with a chip in it. I held onto this mug for a while. It was a gift and the shape was really nice. But it was too big. And we never used it. So- out it went.

3. Two purses. I got a new one for Christmas that is really beautiful. And really- does a woman really need three fairly similar, dark brown leather purses? I think not.

4. A cheese slicer. I argued to buy this years ago because that is what we always used growing up. I thought it was a standard kitchen item. The hubs informed me that his family always used a regular old knife. I laughed at him. Told him how this cheese slicer would change his life. I used it faithfully for several months. Then it ended up at the back of the drawer and I forgot about it. Started using a knife. Realized maybe it wasn't such a necessary kitchen item. Out it goes.

5. An alarm clock. The hubs uses his watch. "What happens if your watch dies?". "I'll get a new one". Oh.


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