Well Hello There, 2011

My first entry. Okay. I hope this helps me stick with a few goals for 2011. I am not big on New Years' Resolutions, but I do like the idea of starting a few new things this year. After a hectic and fun November and December, I'm ready to settle down into some normalcy and routine here at home. But I'd like to tweak a few things to make normalcy and routine even more enjoyable.

Here's the inspiration: Every year for the past few years my friend Joey has made this massive list of goals she wants to accomplish, and every year she shares the goals with a bunch of us from college. She'll have stuff like "Visit my 30th country" or "Get something published" or "Run a 5K". And every year for the past few years she's accomplished the vast majority of those goals. It's very inspiring. Yet. Every year for the past few years my resolutions have been something to the bland effect of "Be healthier" or "Be better with finances". Yawn. And who knows if I actually achieve those things or not? There is nothing concrete about "Be healthier".

So. A couple of weeks ago I had coffee with Joey and I asked her about any resolutions she had for 2011. I wanted to be inspired and to, hopefully, kickstart my own thinking in that direction. Score! Joey told me that this year she is not so much working toward a massive list of goals. Rather, she is doing one thing a month for each month. Her examples were to go to bed by 11:00 and get up by 7:00 for one month, or to meditate for 30 minutes a day for one month.

I am totally into that. I loved the idea and spent the rest of the week with my sister and sister-in-law taking about different goals for each month. I haven't settled on what my goals are for each month, but I've got January in stone and underway.

Here's to giving it the old college try.

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  1. I'm so into this! I am going to sit down and think of my goals. I'm a little late on January, although I will start my 5 things a day now. Here's to a good year of goal fulfilling!


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