Everything But the Kitchen Sink

I tackled the under-the-sink area this weekend. It was a tough battle, but I believe I came out victorious. Observe, first, the "Before". What exactly is being housed under this sink? What it that big black wad? Was everything just thrown in there haphazardly, with no concern for rhyme OR for reason?

So I pulled everything out, and first off got rid of a few things.

Two ant traps that were lurking in the back. Totally unnecessary in the middle of January. Toss in the trash.

Jumble of reusable grocery bags. Put a hook up in the laundry closet and that's where they hang now. (And I put to use a spare hook I had just lying around! Bonus!).

I may or may not have had a bb gun under the sink. It may or may not have been brought into this house to address the stray cat problem on our premises. Sick and twisted? You can ask the hubs all about this. Or PETA. Whatever. Whether this item existed under my kitchen sink or not, certainly the proper place for it is locked in the shed, no? That's all I'll say (or not say) about that.

Other items: big old bottle of liquid Ivory soap, which only had about .5 ounces left in it. I emptied the .5 ounces into the soap dispenser by the sink and-viola- that big old 30 oz container could go in the recycling bin. Also relocated an all-purpose cleaner to the laundry closet with the rest of the cleaning supplies. (Just wait until I clean out and
5 things the mess out of that laundry closet. All of that crap is going to find it's way back under the kitchen sink!). I had a container that was neatly holding the Ivory and all-purpose cleaner, which I could get rid of.

Surely that's 5 things, right?
I mean- and check out the "After", will you? Don't you just want to curl up in there, between the compost tupperware and the trash bags, and take a nap?


  1. Is that an empty paper towel tube in the after shot? Does it have sentimental value?

  2. the hubs gave it to me on our first anniversary and it is very near and dear to my heart.


    that's where i stuff all of my plastic grocery bags.

  3. love the picture documenting.... I mean the pictures alone just give me a good feeling... ya know ;)

  4. Nice paper towel tube, and good idea for it! The first anniversary gifts are traditionally paper, right?

  5. I almost didn't link to you, because I wasn't sure if you were ready for all the exposure just yet. I mean girl, you're going to be huge! But I thought I'd put you out there anyway.

  6. katherine- this is amazing. i'm loving your new zest for minimalism. and your rationale is so spot-on! woman after my own heart.


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