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Couponing 101

Nothing to do with writing whatsoever.

Just reporting that I spent $5 for four boxes of cereal today, using coupons and sales. I think this is called "coupon stacking," if I am not mistaken.

The "Extreme Couponing" has gotten to me. I have just seen clips on YouTube but these people are crazy and now I want a piece of the action. So I spent about an hour (okaymaybemore) researching coupons and loading them via the interweb onto my Kroger pluscard and then walked out tonight with four boxes for $5.

Don't do the math about how much time I spent to save that precious few dollars that I did because that will ruin my joy. Sometimes I just get compulsive about things and the time just flies by while I research coupon stacking and abbreviations such as OOP (Out of Pocket) and CRT (Cash Register Tape). Give me a week and I bet the frenzy will have passed.

But in the meantime, this is what I'm working toward:

What?  What?   Is it sooo wrong to crave seven years' worth of Corn Flakes, lined up neatly in my closet?

Watch this and tell me you don't want to clip one or two yourself.

from TLC's "Extreme Couponing"

I mean, you saw all those Ritz crackers she got for pennies, didn't you?   Think of the possibilities:
Ritz crackers and cheese
Ritz crackers and peanut butter
Ritz crackers crumbled up, topped with milk, and eaten like a buttery-flavored cereal
Ritz crackers and ham

See?  Totally worth it.  


  1. I see a small business venture in your future. You do all the research about coupons for a week in cville, then meal plan for folks here to take advantage of those deals, tell them where to get the relevant coupons, etc, and charge a fee!

  2. That is the most ridiculous video I've seen in the last 24 hours. What I love is when she says "give me my money!" and then dances at the end. I mean, I see some awesome Saturday mornings at the Kroger checkout in your future, Kak.

  3. What I want to know is why in the world Lisa and Philip are up at those ungodly hours commenting on peoples blogs?! :) Also, if southernsaver.com has Kroger in it, you are set. She does all of the work and all you have to do is print off the grocery list from her website, listing only the groceries you want to buy, and she tells you the coupons to use. Have fun!

  4. i checked out southernsaver and she does do kroger stuff! she also references all of these manufacturer coupons that i don't have yet. i'll have to work on that.

    philip, i am working toward ALWAYS having a group of people gathering around the cash register to see my incredible savings. i should start focusing on my trademark victory dance or a catchy phrase that people can remember me by. "the coupon queen reigns again!"

    lisa, always coming up with another small business venture...


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