Writer's Block

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Oh, the irony. My goal for April is to write for 10 minutes a day, and I don't even know where or how to start.

Full disclosure: I've already missed a few days. And it is only the 7th. Yesterday was one of those days where I knew that writing would feel good, but I just couldn't do it. Kind of like exercise. Except, with writing, there is not even any sweat or jiggling involved. So it is, truly, painless.

Ah well- as the hubs said to me last night: "Live in grace". It is not the end of the world if I don't write one day.

So why writing? Well, at the end of March I sought out ideas for an April goal. I got some good ideas back. One idea was even suggested three times, by three different people. That one was- to write. The fact that it was suggested multiple times is not what made me choose it. I just chose it because it sounded simple and enjoyable. Not particularly complicated and doesn't even require that I get out of bed early. Sold.

Back when I was a youngster I told people that when I grew up, I wanted to be an author or an artist. I am neither [sigh]. But I still enjoy writing.

So- there you have it.  Ten minutes' worth of writing about my goal for April.

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  1. ok- we need to talk about your former dreams of being an author/artist.


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