Day Four

I just did my "shred" for the day. Four days into my February goal. (For anyone not familiar with this whole "month goal" concept, here is what I mean).

A few things I have noticed so far:

1. Thank goodness this is only 20 minutes. Not just because it's a difficult 20 minutes, but because that amount of time leaves me with very few excuses as to why I should not work out. If the workout were 30 minutes, I would be much more prone to skipping it because "I just don't have time".

2. I suck at push-ups.

3. I eat a lot more junk when I am working out. My friend Erin pointed this out about herself- when she goes running in the morning, she is more apt to eat extra dessert or pig out more at dinner. This started for me on day one! I did my 20 minute workout and then felt sort of compelled to heap that half and half into my coffee, or eat an extra chocolate dessert that Chicken and I were making. Strangely, it didn't matter that much if I actually wanted either of those things-- I felt like I should have them just because I could. And I "could" because I worked out. Counter-productive? Yes. I would like to get my head around this phenomenon a little more in coming weeks.

(For those of you who are familiar with the 30 day Shred program, you'll notice now that I'm not participating in the diet portion. Just the workouts.)

4. My calves are killing me. All of those darn jumping jacks are getting me.


  1. An observation of mine after shredding back in the day- jumping jacks are much more dangerous after you've had children. Yup.

  2. i have noooo idea what you're talking about. none.

  3. If I did a jumping jack, the baby would fall out.


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