Slowing down...

I'm faltering. It's the 26th of January and I'm starting to lose steam. Must...keep...going...

The adrenaline that I started with- the gusto, the fervor- has subsided a bit. The major areas I wanted to tackle have been tackled. It's time for round two. No more running on pure excitement about this new idea of "5 Things". Now it's just...doing it.

Any suggestions on which area of my apartment I should go through tomorrow? I need a kick in the tail. One friend has voted on the laundry closet. It sure needs a good purge- maybe another round of before and afters will motivate me.


  1. Just think... there's only five days left!! in the words of a wise friend said to me years ago, "finish strong!" ;)

  2. Does it transfer? Can you go help someone else purge 5+ things like you helped me with my wardrobe? Maybe that will inspire you to tackle an other spot that you've been avoiding? Love reading the blog! xoxo

  3. I want a B&A of the laundry closet. then, go for your dresser/closet.

  4. i think the laundry closet is in order. but going into someone else's closet is pretty enticing. any takers? i'll come tell you what i think is ugly in your wardrobe!


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