I've Lost Count Already

Seriously, I think I need to slow down with the paring down, or I will run out of stuff by the end of the month. It just feels so good to get stuff out that I know I don't need! A few more things:

1. 3 solar lamps that I bought a month ago (at least) from Lowe's.
I finally put them in the ground. Took me...oh...about 7 minutes total. Tops. And now I don't have to move them out of the way when I go in my laundry closet! And they look awesome! And did I mention that they were in my laundry closet? Who needs solar lamps in there?

2. Baby clothes!
I hold onto too many clothes that I don't really like but I fear they "look cute on". But I never actually dress my kids in them so...what's the point? Out the door.

3. In the same vein- toddler socks. My two-year old probably has enough pairs to wear one a day for one month without repeating. Yet her favorite winter shoes are fuzzy Uggs-- no socks required. This does not necessitate lots of socks. I have gotten rid of at least 10 pairs and it doesn't even look like I put a dent in the sock drawer.

4. Cloth wipes.
I used Mother-Ease cloth diapers on both kids (my son all the time, my daughter at bedtime) and I fell prey to the idea that if you're already laundering cloth diapers, adding in cloth wipes is no big deal. Well. Maybe to some people. But to me, the extra step of rinsing or shaking off of a cloth wipe, then sorting them after laundering everything together, and keeping track of a spray bottle, but also having regular wipes on hand for the babysitter-- it was too complicated. I feel so much better having them out the door. I'll post those on Craigslist for free and make some other crunchy granola mom very happy.

5. A plastic tricycle.
We were given this a year or so ago, and Chicken has happily ridden it maybe three times. We don't even have a driveway for her to ride in- we park on the street- so I would have to haul it to the park for riding and who wants to mess with that? Not me. Besides, a friend gave us their old tricycle that has some memories attached to that so if/when I am dying to haul a tricycle to the park I have one at my disposal.

There's some of the round-up so far.

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