I Cannot Be Stopped

Today that's how I feel. A few more items that went out the door:

1. Old magazines. Somehow I got an Allure subscription several months ago. I think it was from when Domino went under (R.I.P, Domino. You were so good to me). Allure is so not my type of magazine. A good People or Us Weekly? Sure. But Allure- with articles on makeup and hair- well, not my stage of life or interest. You wouldn't know it from looking at my bedside dresser, though. Three copies stacked on top of each other. They went into the recycling bin.

2. My check register from 2003 and 2004. Do I need to explain why I got rid of that?

3. Three books that I/we borrowed from friends over a year ago. All three have been read, but just needed to be returned. We see these friends all the time. I think the books have just become a part of the landscape of our room, so I kept them. With a little motivation to get them out, I suddenly have that much more room for new books I want to read.

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