Taking It To the Next Level

This is what I had to picture in order to get out of bed early this morning:

I started level two of the 30-day Shred yesterday. Not easy, my friends, not easy. Truly, it was the fact that it's only 20 minutes long that got me through it. There's a lot of exercises in the plank or push-up position and those really threaten to do me in. Maybe it's that I only did level one with soup cans as weights, and now my lack of upper-body strength is catching up with me. Darn you, cut corners!

Even given that, I think I feel some results from shredding for half of a month now. For example, when I exhale and really let my stomach hang out in all it's glory, now I only look slightly pregnant. Before shredding, I would say I looked like I was in the second trimester of pregnancy. That is really cute and sweet when you are pregnant, but not so much when you are not. I am not. (Let's just make that clear). So: pre-shred I had a second trimester-looking belly; mid-shred I have a baby bump of a belly. Not bad.

1 comment:

  1. I don't know if i will ever look not-pregnant again. keep working at it.


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